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Editing Your Sites Templates

You can edit all of your sites HTML files direct from your AdminCP. You can read up on HTML[by clicking here].

To edit your templates login into your AdminCP and go to:

Extensions >> Theme >> Manage Themes

Then for the theme

phpFox (Default)

click the drop down icon and then click

Edit Templates

From there you can find all the HTML files for your site. All of the templates are grouped into modules and the main templates are grouped in

Global Templates

These templates control the main structure of your site. The main template that holds the entire structure of your site is


To edit your sites index page these templates can be found in the


module. Once you click on


you will find the following file


This file can be found within the


group. This file is the index page for when users are not logged into your site. The index page for when users are logged in is


Finding Specific Templates for a Page

Finding templates for a specific page is fairly easy and once you learn it you will be able to find out where a specific page can be changed in no time. Before we continue we are assuming you are on the page where we are editing templates, which we pointed above.

Lets take for example if we visit the page:


both links are the same, however it all depends if you have short URLs enabled or not. The part we need to look at is:


This part controls how we connect to templates. The first part is:


This part always controls the module we are connecting to. The 2nd part is:


This is the controller we are connecting to. So to find this template we click on the sub-menu:


Then under "Controllers" we click on "browse.html.php". There you have the HTML controller for that page. You will notice the name "browse.html.php" has the word "browse" in it so when looking for the template just remove ".html.php" and you should find it.