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Enabling Facebook Connect

In order to setup Facebook Connect with phpFox you will be required to create a Facebook Application. Below we provide all the steps to successfully setup Facebook Connect with phpFox. Note that in order to use this feature you are required to be running phpFox 2.0.4 or higher.

Creating the Facebook Application

To create your Facebook Application log into Facebook using your own personal account. Then visit the following page:

For the field:
Application Name

use a name that will represent the application when users are connecting your site with their Facebook account.

Once you have submitted the form and you have successfully created your application Facebook will send you to the page where you can edit all the settings for your new application. To your left you will find a sub-menu (About, Web Site, Facebook Integration, Mobile and Devices & Advanced).

Click on the sub-menu:
Web Site

For the field:
Site URL

enter the full path to your phpFox site. For example the index page for our live demo is located at:

So we would enter:

Next, save the changes you have just made.

Once you have saved your changes Facebook will send you to a page where it will display your Secret and API keys, which are the keys required in the upcoming step below.

Enabling your Facebook Application in phpFox

Now that you have successfully created your Facebook Application you will need to enable this feature from our AdminCP. To do this log into your AdminCP and go to:
Settings >> System Settings >> Manage Settings >> Facebook Connect

For the field:
Facebook API Key

enter the

Facebook provides you with.

Next, for the field:
Facebook Secret

enter the
Application Secret

Facebook provides you with.

Next, for the field (Note this is only for phpFox version 2.0.5 or higher):
Application ID

enter the
Application ID

Facebook provides you with.

Now enable this feature by setting:
Enable Facebook Connect


Your Facebook Connect should now be setup. To test this feature log out of your site and visit your sites index page. Under the login form you should see a Facebook Connect button.