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How to enable Amazon S3 support?

phpFox v2.0.5 or higher comes with the ability to store users contents (eg. Images, Songs, Videos etc...) on Amazon's CloudFront (Content Delivery Network)

To enable this feature log into your AdminCP and go to:

Settings >> System Settings >> Manage Settings >> CDN (Content Delivery Network)

For the setting:

Enable CDN (Beta)

set this to:


For the setting:

Amazon Access Key

enter your amazon access key, which can be found here.

For the setting:

Amazon Secret Key

enter your amazon secret key.

Click on the "Submit" button and everything is ready for you to use their services. The script will automatically create a bucket for you.

If you plan on using Amazon's CloudFront and use your own URL we provide the ability to add your custom bucket and CNAME URL. Use these features with caution as you need to successfully create a CNAME record that connects to a CloudFront bucket. If you have this setup look for the setting:

Amazon Bucket Name

Add your custom bucket name here.

For the setting:

Amazon Bucket Created

Set this to:


Next, for the setting:

CDN URL (Optional)

Add your custom URL. This needs to be the full path. Example:


Click on the "Submit" button to save your settings.