Apps to improve UI/UX


If you are finding a solution to improve UI/UX, this package may help to solve some aspects. With only $79, you saved $54 (-40%), you will have 2 apps:


1. Modern Inlite HTML Editor, Wysiwyg Editor, TinyMce

  • compose HTML content when adding a blog, event, marketplace or sending a message in a similiar way as:, .
  • It's the trending Editor style.


2. Translator, Quick Translate, Translation helper

  • A tool to modify most of phrases visually on front-end.
  • It saves 80% time to manage phrases
  • It's a useful tool in both cases: Translate a language or adjust phrases in a single language
  • If you need this translate tool for phpFox v3 site, contact us to have a deal


    3. Rating/Review: compatible to most of apps, event 3rd party

  • Users access a detail page and click on stars to rate
  • A user can rate only one time for a post
  • Condition to rate: must login
  • Post owner is notified once a user rate for. Who rated? How much stars?
  • Click on total voting number to see list of voters
  • Show the chart of rating
  • If you need this rating/review tool for phpFox v3 site, contact us to have a deal


Promotion Time

This package has price $69 till Oct 7th, 2016



Both apps are compatible to phpFox 4.4.*