Important UI/UX Improvement


If you are finding a solution to improve UI/UX, this package may help to solve some aspects. This package include very important apps to improve user experience.

  • ALL ARE COMPATIBLE to phpFox 4.6


    1. Login, sign up, share via Social Account

  • Login via large social network accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter easily
  • Sign up with large social network accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter and profile is generated automatically
  • Share a content to social networks is very simple and friendly with this app.
  • Layout is well responsive.
  • Popular social network APIs are supported: Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter


2. Mobile Left & Right Block

  • Display left & right blocks in tab format on Mobile devices
  • Make layout clean and save space
  • Save space for main features
  • This module help to improve a lot for mobile layout. Look at screenshot and demo to feel visually


3. HTML Email Template

  • This app, HTML Email template, is a tool so that the site can send out EMAILs with graphic HTML format instead of plain text email as default


4. Notes in facebook style

  • Note app is a facebook-note-like app. It is designed to improve UX so that user feel comfortable to when posting a note content and display the layout in modern style to easy to read. Still keep Simplify Social Network's concept, make layout simple and friendly.


5. Modern Inlite HTML Editor, Wysiwyg Editor, TinyMce

  • compose HTML content when adding a blog, event, marketplace or sending a message in a similiar way as:, .
  • It's the trending Editor style.


6. Rating/Review: compatible to most of apps, event 3rd party

  • Users access a detail page and click on stars to rate
  • A user can rate only one time for a post
  • Condition to rate: must login
  • Post owner is notified once a user rate for. Who rated? How much stars?
  • Click on total voting number to see list of voters
  • Show the chart of rating
  • If you need this rating/review tool for phpFox v3 site, contact us to have a deal


7. Translator, Quick Translate, Translation helper

  • A tool to modify most of phrases visually on front-end.
  • It saves 80% time to manage phrases
  • It's a useful tool in both cases: Translate a language or adjust phrases in a single language
  • If you need this translate tool for phpFox v3 site, contact us to have a deal



All apps are compatible to phpFox 4.4. to 4.6.