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Compatibility : from 4.2.0 to 4.5.3


Random Blogs for PHPfox V4.

Want to get some attention for your blogs? You know you do! Is your site going flat? Perk it up by showing the random blogs in a block. Let your users see what's happening and encourage them to have a more active part in your site. It's all about activity these days. If users see stuff happening, they want to be part of the action and will stay on your site more and add content. More users interacting on the site means more sign ups. More blogs mean Google and other search engines are happy as they love those blogs!

Features Include

  • Easy "one-click" install for PHPfox Neutron V4.
  • Displays random blogs in a block on core.index-member (Home) page.
  • Displays in a movable block which can go anyplace you choose.
  • Shows blog image if the blog contains an embedded or inline attachment image.
  • Uses phrase manager for the block title.
  • Setting in the App allows you to choose how many blogs show in the block.


  • PHPfox >= 4.2 stable and up
  • PHPfox client license

Purchase and Installation

  • Purchase this from your site AdminCP Apps section, just click to Get it and it will install after purchase.


  • Go to AdminCP >> Modules and click to the left of the ScriptTechs Random Blogs and select Delete. Be sure to clear cache after.


  • Control where it shows and which user groups can view it via the Block settings in AdminCP Block manager. You control which block position and which page it shows on.


Live demo link on right, log in details: Password: demo123 Password: 12345


Support for this is in our ScriptTechs ticket system here

Icon made by ScriptTechs and Oriol Carbonell from The Noun Project

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