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by YouNetCo

Compatibility : from 4.5.0


Bookmark Me is a tool that allows users to quickly snap all the available images from other pages or even from other sites and import them back to phpfox based social network. With Bookmark Me, you can create an album and import all photos from current site onto your phpfox site. All actions take place on the site you’re currently on without having to redirect to your phpfox site. Isn’t it great? Not only that, you can also create event or listing using photo(s) you captured from other site. Another great thing is that it supports both advanced and default phpfox modules.

  • Notice:
    • In order to get images from a secure website that runs over https protocol, your site is required to run over https protocol as well.
    • This module is not supported on both Mobile View and Responsive since the limitation of the mobile devices.

Product Information:

Key Features

  • Allow user to share image from other website on phpFox’s wall
  • Allow user to add images to existing album or new one
  • Allow user to use image to create new Event or Marketplace listing
  • FAQ management

Front End

  • View FAQ page and add button “Snap up” to bookmark bar
  • Browse other sites and click “Snap up” to capture images which sizes are satisfy the limitation
  • Add feed with selected image on wall
  • Add images to an existing Album
  • Add image to new Album/Event/Listing. User can add information/privacy for the corresponding item

Back End

  • Configure the images type
  • Configure the minimum size of images will be captured
  • Manage FAQ
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