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by FoxExpert

Compatibility : from 4.2 to 4.9.9.


Compatible with 4.6 and 4.5


The Lottery App is a great way to add some fun to your site. You can use this app for profit or for fun. You’ll have complete customisation control on creating the lottery type environment you choose for your site. The app allows you to create fully-customized lotteries with WYSIWYG editor, photos, payable functions and more. Whether you’re giving your users the opportunity to earn money through this feature or provide a lottery environment for fun, it’s a great fun way to bring attention to your site.


  • Create lottery in admin panel
  • Adding cost (Emoney plugin required)
  • Buy tickets using emoney plugin
  • Buy tickets without emoney for zero price
  • Countdown
  • Set emoney sum as a prize (Emoney plugin required)
  • Set max tickets per user
  • Like, Comment
  • Participating users block
  • Share Lottery into activity feed
  • Addthis share buttons
  • Auto selecting winner during lottery end date.
  • Upcoming Lotteries page
  • Past Lotteries page
  • My tickets page
  • Help & Learn More section with managing in language phrases
  • Featured lottery block
  • Upcoming lottery block
  • Admin manage lotteries
  • Set winner option (admin panel)
  • Member level settings

Compatible with 4.2+ (tested with latest version of phpfox)


If you want to set cost and charge users for buying tickets, You need to buy our Emoney plugin!


Also works corretly without Emoney plugin, all tickets will be free.

Update v4.4

  1. Add share icons
  2. Fixed problems with js on lottery page
  3. Fixed share on wall error
  4. Some design changes

Update v4.6

  1. New phrase system
  2. Fixed pagination bug


For some states and country, lottery is prohibited. In other countries, you’ll need a ‘gaming’ license to be allowed to profit from gaming and gambling type activity. Please note, you are using this plugin at your own risk. We are just providing software, we are not responsible for how it is used. We are and take no responsibility for the use of this plugin.

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