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OAuth 2.0 Social network

AppsSingle Sign-on

by ComeMore

Compatibility : from 4.0 to 4.5.3

DEMO: Authentication and authorization of users of the website through the popular social

I think, not I one extremely tired resources that require registration on every occasion and without. With the obligatory captcha, which properly is only the fifth time, with confirmation by e-mail, which must fall in the spam and that only through the day. Come up with every new pair login-password — forgotten to enter the same on all sites — not safe. Sometimes rolled a pair of the "qwerty:qwerty" or "login:password", but, alas, not everywhere. Tired. Do not count how many times I saw the word "only registered user can ****"just the curve and closed the tab so no more at this website not to go.

This app will allow you to attract more traffic to the site. It is important!!!! After installation, go to and add Your website to check. Each second level domain you need to confirm. You can choose any convenient way for you to prove domain ownership, download the file and add a txt record

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