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by Foxer

Compatibility : from 4.5.0

Bucket List App is a powerful app with a responsive layout that allows you to create and manage a list of things to do! By setting down a different list of things you may find more motivation and inspiration in life using our new app.

Main features

  • Add bucket list item with awesome banner image
  • Secure bucket list with privacy options
  • Add unique icon to every goal
  • Create memories from existing goals
  • Add memorable date, photos and thoughts
  • Share ideas on Facebook, Twitter
  • Members can decide if they want to post goals and memories to feed
  • Feed posts where you can explore other users ideas and wishlist

Bucket List has three main sections:

  • editable Bucket List banner with name;
  • goals section;
  • memories section (todo items can be saved as a memory).

You can edit name, description, privacy and banner of existing bucket list by hovering on its image.

Goals list block allows you to add goal with name and icon. Members will be able to edit or delete goals from their list using gear icon. Press check mark icon to define goal as completed. New memory will be created – you will have a form with following fields to fill in:

  • impressions;
  • memorable photos about time you spent;
  • memory date.

Facebook, Twitter buttons will be there to share memory details.

Memories list block is created after transferring at least one goal to memory. You have a block with small widgets which consist of memory photo, title and date.

Bucket list page view provided with an opportunity to edit or delete both goals and memories. Added goals and memories will be automatically posted in feed. Alternatively it's possible to choose not to publish to activity feed.

Start making your life more interesting and your visions clearer, manage your things to do using our app.


  • v1.0 – initial release;
  • v1.1 – updated Bucket Lists permissions, improved layouts on mobile;
  • v1.2 – improved facebook sharing, privacy and layout;
  • v1.3 – added better way to store images.
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