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Facebook Clone Template [V4] - YouNetCo


by YouNetCo

Compatibility : from 4.6.1

Currently, Facebook is the largest social networking site in the world, and it sets a standard for every social network to be a triumph. Therefore, it's the ultimate reason we tailor-made Facebook Clone template to assist you to take advantages of Facebook's best ideas and deliver them to your site.

With Facebook Clone template, we offer a completed Facebook look-alike appearance to your site, so users can feel like it's home when they can access to any features and contents on your site just like they always do it on Facebook.

Additionally, the template opts to a fully responsive design with the color theme, layouts, images, buttons, and menus were completely re-designed to provide the most similar looking to Facebook on your site.

Product version: 4.01

Compatibility: phpFox 4.6.1 or above

Installation Guide: link

Key Features:

  • Completed Facebook look-alike appearance.
  • All icons, images, color theme are well-designed to give users familiar feeling as using Facebook.
  • Unique & logic customization on each block, menus, buttons.
  • Robust & fully responsive.


  • The template only supports phpFox Core apps. For third-party apps, you need to contact to app vendors and check for compatibility if there is any issue with using the app.
  • The word “Clone” is used as the reference. This refers to the custom development of the template which has functionality similar to Facebook. Indeed, we do not offer an identical copy of Facebook.

Front End:

  • Landing Page
    • Responsive side menu
    • Search field
    • Login & register area
    • Completely imitate Facebook design to give familiar interactions
  • New Feeds
    • Blocks (such as Shoutbox, Site Statistic...) will be placed in fixed positions on the right side just like Facebook.
    • Menu on the left gives access to News Feed, Message and explore all the available apps/modules.
    • Activity feeds is in the middle 
    • All icons, designs, themes... are similar to Facebook's.
  • App Details
    • All the app sections (such as All items, my items...) will be placed on the left.
    • Sub-menus like category will be positioned on the right.
    • There is a hamburger button on top right to access responsive menu which leads to News Feed, Message and explores all the available apps/modules.
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