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Terms of Service


By purchasing, downloading, and/or using phpFox products by AR Compware, you hereby agree to the following terms of service. These terms of service are subject to change.


To protect the privacy of yourself, your site administrators, and your users, AR Compware does not collect data through phpFox products. If technical support is necessary, AR Compware may request relevant diagnostic information to resolve the technical issue.


AR Compware is not responsible for data loss during the installation or upgrade of a phpFox product by AR Compware. Backups are recommended as an essential piece of a contingency plan.

The purchase and/or download of a phpFox product by AR Compware entitles you to one license of the product for use on one public site and on one development/staging site.

Distribution and Modification

The distribution of a phpFox product by AR Compware outside of your public site and your development/staging site is strictly prohibited.

Unless explicitly stated, phpFox products by AR Compware are not free and open source. The redistribution and/or derivation of source code is strictly prohibited. Modifying the source code of the product is prohibited unless done with the purpose of enhancing site security or of better integrating with site features and/or functionality. These modifications shall not be distributed; however, developers and technical staff are encouraged to share their work with AR Compware.