Welcome to our store. Everything added to our store is first reviewed by our team, before it is approved, for installing and uninstalling functions. We do not test for feature functionality or other issues at this time.



Products sold in our Store are developed and maintained by 3rd party companies and developers.

We take no legal or technical liability for products sold in our Store.

We do not support the products provided by said parties or their services. For support and assistance regarding the 3rd party products please contact the provider.



Payments go directly to developer's Paypal account. Refunds for purchases made within our Store are at the developer's sole discretion. Please be sure to read over product reviews and ask any questions to the provider beforehand and read the developer's terms on their website.



In order to provide you with better support we share your email and the domain name to the developers of the Store products you purchase. This information is not shared to any 3rd party other than the developers of the products you purchase.



Reviews must be in English

Reviews are final and can only be edited if a Report is sent by the client that posted it. Edits will only be considered for mistakes on the review, a bad review based on a phpFox bug, or extenuating circumstances.

Reviews cannot be changed simply because you changed your mind. Please be sure to fully test a product before reviewing it.

We encourage you to work with the developer first, before submitting bad reviews. In the event that you should be unable to work with the developer, you can seek a refund via Paypal.

Reviews are not to be used in exchange for free work or free apps. Should we find that clients or developers are blackmailing for reviews, access to the store can be revoked and all reviews removed.