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Compatibility : from 4.6.0


Document plugin includes many features that help users manage their documents easily. Most document types (.pdf, .docx, .pptx, .xls, etc…) can be uploaded and shared among network members. In addition, published documents can be viewed directly online without using any additonal reading plugin / software. On-page action feature allows site admin to edit / delete / set feature to members’ documents in just a click. Additionally, statistic block helps promote site by highlighting total views, total likes, and total documents.

Product Information:

What's new in 4.02

  • Send to owner the notification when their documents be approved
  • Fix bugs


  • Scribd Viewer is only available to registered Scribd account (which is used to configure Document online viewer)
  • According to new API rule, Scribd is no longer offering new API accounts. For more information, please visit our published blog entry
  • Google Viewer is available to all accounts

Key Features

  • Upload and share documents (doc, docx, ppt, pptx, pps, xls, xlsx, pdf, ps, odt, odp, sxw, sxi, txt, rtf)
  • View/Download documents using Scribd Viewer/Google Viewer via your network
  • Allow users to manage their documents and share permission
  • Display Top View Documents, Top Active Members
  • Many configurations in Admin Control Panel: Manage User Groups, Manage Settings, etc

Front End

  • Document Home Page
    • All Documents: list out all documents created by all users
    • My Documents: list out all documents created by the viewer
    • Friends’ Documents: list out all documents created by user’s friends
    • Pending Documents: list out all documents that required admin’s approval of an user
    • Categories block: displays all the available Document’ categories in the network
    • Statistics block:
      • Report the numbers of total documents created in the network
      • Report the numbers of total views in Document’s modules
      • Report the numbers of total likes in Document’s module
    • Advanced blocks: Top Active Members, Featured Documents, Top Viewed Documents, Most Discussed Documents
  • Create a document
    • Title: Document title
    • Description: give some general information about the document. Support Hashtag
    • Category: select a category and sub-category (if any) to classify the document
    • Document file: browse the document from computer
      • File types support: list out the file types support to upload
      • Max File Size: the maximum file size which allows for each User Group
    • Configure Privacy:
      • Public rating: allow other members to rate the document
      • Download Enable: allow other members to download the document
      • Email Attachment: allow other members to attach the document into their personal emails.
      • Configure who can see the document
      • Configure who can comment on the document
    • License associated: choose the available license associated set by network’s admin
    • Visibility: if this document is private on this site/ Public on Scribd
  • View a created document
    • Support HTML5
    • Support Scribd Viewer and Google Viewer (only either Scribd or Google Viewer is chosen by Admin)
    • Allow rating the document
    • Code to embed the document into other websites
    • Print the document ( if there is a printer connected)
    • Download Document if available
    • Email as Attachment
    • User is able to Like/Comment/Share Document
  • View documents in Member profile
  • Integrate with Page
  • Integrate with [V4] – Social Publisher

Back End

  • Manage User Groups
    • Add tags on documents
    • View / Delete / Edit/ Feature members’ documents
    • Edit / Delete own documents
    • Create a new document
    • Add comments on documents
    • Approve/ disapprove members’ documents before they are displayed publicly
    • Control file size of uploaded documents (Unit: MBytes)
    • Control members’ comments on their documents
    • Control number of documents per page
  • Manage Settings
    • Visibility options for users
    • Scribd Secret Key
    • Scribd API Key
    • Control time stamps for document entries
    • Document visibility
  • Manage Documents
    • Feature / Un-feature documents
    • Approve / Un-approve documents
    • Delete documents
  • Add Category
    • Add new categories
    • Add new sub-categories
  • Manage Categories
    • View / Edit / Delete categories
    • Drag and drop to change categories’ and sub-categories’ positions.
  • Add License
    • Add a new license
  • Manage Licenses
    • View / Edit / Delete licenses
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