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by YouNetCo

Compatibility : from 4.6.0


Social Publisher is a safer, faster, and easier way to publish users’ activities and update users’ statuses on phpFox site onto Wall of Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn. With Social Publisher, your website will be promoted as a friendly and professional network as well as a well-known social network.

Product Information:

What's new in 4.02

  • Integrate with Video Channel
  • Integrate with Advanced Blog
  • Fix bugs

Key Features

  • Support post images to Twitter
  • Add more privacy to share feeds.
  • Provide statistic post by user and by date
  • Publish users’ activities from phpFox site to Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn
  • Permission to connect to/disconnect from Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn
  • Provide publishing API for third-party plug-in
  • Integrate with Ultimate Video

Front End

  • Permit users to publish their activities and update their statuses on phpFox site when users post something new about their Status , Photo , Link, Poll, Blog, Music, Video, Quiz, Post on Friends Wall
  • Social Publisher Settings:
    • Network Connections: view status of connections : Connect to / Disconnect from Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn.
    • Activity Management: allow users to set which modules will be published on Wall of Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn.

Back End

  • Manage Modules:
    • Enable/disable modules to be published on Wall of Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn.
  • Manage Providers:
    • Facebook Settings:
      • Facebook App ID.
      • Facebook App Secret.
    • LinkedIn Settings:
      • LinkedIn API Key.
      • LinkedIn Secret Key.
    • Twitter Settings:
      • Twitter Consumer Key.
      • Twitter Consumer Secret.
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