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Landing Page for Phoenix Template - [V4]


by YouNetCo

Compatibility : from 4.6.0

Phoenix Template - Landing Page [V4] is an adds-on to Phoenix Template [V4]. Installing this app together with Phoenix Template [V4] will add a beautiful Landing Page with its rich features and functionalities.


Compatibility: phpFox 4.6.0

Front End

User can hover over fix menu icon, it will show section's title

Site admin can change title of page in back end

  • Homepage
    • Display title of community, description, social network's links
    • Nice slideshow display main photo 
    • Display background image
  • Member page
    • List out members that are added by admin
    • Displaying avatar, member name and member position
    • Ability to view member detail in popup with more information: phone, address, about me, etc
  • Product page: very nice and useful page in your community
    • Display feature products with detail information:
      • Impressive main photo
      • Title, description, multiple small photos
      • Support link to internal/external site
    • Support slide show for multiple products
  • Testimonial page
    • Display feedback of client for community: content, client name, client position
  • Photo Gallery page
    • Ability to display up to 64 photos in this page
    • Support maximum 8 category which has maximum 8 photos each category
    • Ability to add caption for photo
    • Member can view detail photo, it also support to view other photos in category
  • Contact Us page
    • Display main photo and address list 
    • All addresses will be displayed in map view at bottom of page
    • Display background image

Back end

  • Settings
    • Admin can set to fix menu position when users scroll the browser
  • Manage Pages
    • List out all pages of template
    • Admin can edit settings, view sample layout of each pages
    • Each page has 4 similar fields: Title, Homepage icon, Hover icon, Background. 
    • Ability to reset default settings
    • Ability to active/de-active page in front end
    • Support drag and drop to re-position page
  • Manage Page - Home Settings
    • Admin can set title, description, background image, fix menu icon, fix menu hover icon
    • Ability to rename link button, add link 
    • Support add social connect link
    • Support view sample layout
  • Manage Page - Member Settings
  • Manage Page - Product Settings
  • Manage Page - Testimonial Settings
    • Admin can set title, fix menu icon, fix menu hover icon
    • Support view sample layout
  • Manage Page - Photo Gallery Settings
  • Manage Page - Contact Settings
    • Admin can set title, background image, fix menu icon, fix menu hover icon
    • Ability to add main photo 
    • Ability to set to show/hide map
    • Support view sample layout
  • Homepage
    • Manage homepage item
    • Admin can add/remove (maximum 6 photos) to homepage slider
  • Member Page
  • Product Page
  • Testimonial Page
    • Admin can edit/delete testimonial
    • Admin can add testimonial with information: icon, user, user position, user image, content
  • Photo Gallery Page
  • Contact Page
    • Admin can edit/delete contact
    • Admin can add contact with information: 
      • Location: address title, address, zip code
      • Contact information: phone, fax, email

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