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Compatibility : from 4.5.2

People love watching videos, and video is one of the important factors to keep your users engage and stay more in your community. phpFox makes it easy to share video from Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook or upload video directly from computers.


  • This app is applied for Neutron Pro package only. Refer to to see all packages.
  • This app is currently compatible with phpFox 4.5.2 or later
  • If you install this app, it will replace the current video core app
  • Some feature will be applied from phpFox 4.6.0
  • For sites upgrade from V3 to V4, we only support migrate embed videos and mp4 videos. All flv files could not play on new Video app
  • For functionality to upload videos directly from computers, FFMPEG is required on server. In particular, FFMPEG Dependencies are libmp3lame, libvpx, libtheora, libfdk-aac, libass, libfaac, libx264, libvorbis.


  • phpFox 4.5.2 or higher
  • FFMPEG 3.0 or higher

Product Information

  • Version: 4.5.3

Feature List

1 . Feed

  • Allow users to share videos to feed by using link or uploading files
  • Allow users to share videos to their walls or friend's walls
  • While sharing video, users can view file size limit
  • While sharing video, users can select privacy for it
  • User can drag and drop file while sharing video
  • Users can like, share, report the video feed

2 . Main Videos Page

  • Allow users to browse all videos and see some information for each video as title, posted by, total view, etc
  • Users can search video, sort or filters by some criteria
  • Users can view videos in a specific category
  • Allow users to sponsor their videos
  • Allow users to sponsor video in feed
  • Moderators can use mass actions to manage videos as delete, approve, feature videos
  • Moderator can sponsor or feature a specific video
  • Users can view their own videos in My Videos page
  • Users can view their friends' videos in Friends' Videos page
  • Moderator can approve all pending videos in Pending Videos page

3 . Video Detail Page

  • Display all information of video as title, description, category, total views
  • Play video directly in the detail page
  • Support social sharing via Addthis
  • Owner / Moderator can perform some actions as edit, delete, sponsor in feed, sponsor/un-sponsor, feature/un-feature, approve
  • Users can perform some actions as like, comment, share, report
  • Has Suggestion block to suggest videos which have the same category with the current one

4 . Share Video

  • Allow users to share videos from other sources as Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion.
  • Title and description of videos got from some sources can be parsed directly and put into the sharing form
  • Allow users to upload video from local server
  • Allow users to store videos on local server or S3. Support CDN in case store on local server
  • Allow users to drag and drop video in case uploading
  • Integrate with CKEditor to edit video's description
  • Allow users to add title, description, category of video

5 . Privacy Settings

  • Allow users to configure the default privacy for their new videos

6 . Back End - Dashboard and Site Statistics

  • View all videos as well as pending videos

7 . Back End - App Settings

  • Configure to use pagination or load more in search page (apply from 4.6.0)
  • Configure the number of videos will be shown on some blocks as Featured Videos, Sponsored Videos, Suggestion
  • Configure to show/hide videos which created in Page / Group into the All Video page of Video app (apply from 4.6.0)
  • Enable/disable providers as upload video, Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo and so on
  • Configure Zencoder / S3 Account
  • Select video processing (S3 or local server)
  • Configure SEO meta keywords and SEO meta description
  • Configure FFMPEG

8 . Back End - User Group

  • Configure all settings for each user group

9 . Back End - Manage Categories

  • Can add, edit, delete, re-order categories
  • When deleting category, admin has some options to choose ++ Remove all items belong to this category ++ Select another category to move all items ++ Leave the items no category (items aren't required category)

10 . Migrate videos from phpFox V3 to this new app

11 . Migrate videos from the old Video app to this new one

12 . Use global time stamp instead of having its own

13 . Configure the responsive size, number of item in each block (apply from 4.6.0)

Installation Guide

Please follow below steps to install new phpFox Video app:

  • Give 777 permission for folder PF.Site/Apps/core-videos/.

  • Install the Video app from the store.

  • Remove files no longer used (at Admin Panel > Maintenance > Remove files no longer used).

  • Clear cache on your site

Congratulation! You have completed the installation process.

Setup cronjob

Change log

Version 4.5.4


  • Release Date: August 29, 2017
  • Best Compatibility:
    • phpFox 4.5.2 or higher
    • FFMPEG 3.0 or higher
      • FFMPEG Dependencies: version3, libmp3lame, libvpx, libtheora, libfdk-aac, libass, libfaac, libx264, libvorbis

Bugs Fixed

  • Page does not reload after deleting video by using mass action
  • Cover and Page photo does not display after uploading video
  • Issue after sharing video on feed, show video doesn't exists if this video is pending
  • Issue on Member activity feed after sharing video on Page as user
  • Page owner can not delete video upload as Page
  • Still show un-sponsor video even though this sponsor video has been deleted in AdminCP
  • App name does not translate


  • Hide Video app on Menu when "Can browse and view the Video app?" setting is disabled
  • Redirect to Video upload page of current Page after uploading video from local instead of redirecting Video module
  • Support collapse/expand sub categories

Version 4.5.3

Bugs fixed

  • If you share a video which porting from old Video app to this new one, system display message "The sharing content isn't available now"
  • An error occurred in the phrase of new Video app
  • Video menu is not active when access all pages of Video app
  • System displays wrong error message
  • Does not convert all old videos completely
  • Could not upload large video via FFMPEG
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