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Norwegian Language Pack

Language Pack

by rumo

Compatibility : from 4.0

100% native and the only solution if you want to make serious business with your community in norway. Full translation by a Norwegian native person.

Remember that most people in Sweden and Denmark understand the Norwegian language!

  • 98% Translation for the core and the original plug-in phpFox V4.
  • No google translat, every single phrase was native translated one by one.
  • You can only install this package on your sites. You cannot resell it or edit to sell.
  • Free upgrades for all V4 versions of phpfox.

Translatet apps/plug-in:

  • Core
  • Admincp 50%
  • Members account setting
  • Blogs
  • Music
  • Members
  • Photos
  • Forum
  • Events
  • Marketplace
  • Pages
  • Grops
  • Videos
  • Friends
  • Feed
  • Ivite
  • Ads
  • Better Ads
  • Facebook Style Note
  • More

Note: App categories are not translated due to the fact that most customers have different categories than default PHPFOX has.

Note: Do you need more norwegian translations for your apps or your own app categories?, Please contact us.

*Last update: 15/01/2018

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