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SE Importer


by phpFox

Compatibility : from 4.5.2

If you are running a SocialEngine site and would like to shift to phpFox without losing core data, this app is the best solution for you. SE Importer is a FREE app that can import data from SocialEngine to phpFox. Yes, you got it right! Moving to phpFox from SocialEngine can't be easier without the help of this app. You don't need to worry about losing any data of your current SE site. Get it now and enjoy functionalities of phpFox!


  • phpFox 4.5.2 or higher

Product Information

  • Version: 4.1.0

Feature List

  • Import data from SE to all phpFox sites
  • Support SE 4.8.x - 4.9.x
  • SocialEngine sites need to have default database structure
  • SocialEngine Core modules/data will be imported into phpFox:
    • Users and their friendships
    • Feeds and their likes, comments, shares
    • Likes, comments, shares on items
    • Notifications
    • Blogs
    • Albums and photos
    • Classified listings
    • Polls
    • Videos
    • Music
    • Events
    • Forum
    • Groups
    • Messages
    • Settings which are the same functionality with the ones on phpFox
    • Member level settings which the same functionality with the ones on phpFox
    • Announcements
    • Mail
    • CDN
  • Some types of feed will be imported
    • Create new Blog
    • Post new Status
    • Change profile photo
    • Create new Event
    • Create new Topic (forum)
    • Reply a topic
    • Two users became friend
    • Create new classified (listing)
    • Shared a Photo
    • Shared an album photo
    • User is tagged in a photo
    • Shared a Video
    • Created a Poll
    • Comment on a group
    • Shared a Link
  • Exclusion
    • Chat
    • Ads
    • Translation
    • Custom fields
    • Subscription plans
    • Member levels
    • Notifications
    • Group Discussions

Some Notices:

  • MUST back up fully the phpFox site before importing data.
  • Since it may take many minutes to complete the data importation, please increase PHP param of server timeout (most of the servers have default PHP max_execution_time is 30s). You can see our instructions at
  • While data is being imported, DO NOT refresh or close browser tab
  • If a group does not have any category on SocialEngine site, after being imported, the first group category on phpFox site will be assigned.
  • FLV videos won't be imported from SE to phpFox site since phpFox is using HTML5 video player.
  • Duplicated users will be checked. If user A already exists on both SE site and phpFox site, the app only imports data of A from SE site to phpFox site.
  • Duplicated user data won't be check. Since Admin can import data an SE site many times. Hence, to avoid the duplication, please be careful before importing data many times
  • While importing, a counter will be updated for each section. But admin should run the update counter manually after importation is completed.
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