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by YouNetCo

Compatibility : from 4.6.0


Social Connect is a safe, fast, and easy way to log in by using existing accounts from Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn and Windows Live. With Social Connect, saving time to sign up and securing password will make your website more friendly, professional, and interactive. Social Connect not only helps you to reduce customer care and password recovery cost but also achieve greater customer satisfaction by eliminating the frustration associated with user forgetting login credentials (usernames and passwords).

Dependency: Social Bridge ( must be installed in prior to install Social Connect.

Product Information:

Key Features

  • Allow users to get data from OpenID providers and OAuth2 service such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Windows Live.
  • To change Logo and Brand of OpenID server; you must setup OpenID server.
  • Fields mapping from major platforms to phpfox fields.
  • Allow users to associate multiple OpenId accounts.
  • Single sign-on: let users login automatically if he / she has logged in one of associated OpenID accounts or associated accounts using OAuth2 protocol.
  • Compatible with LinkedIn API OAuth 2.0
  • Allow admin to map fields from other platforms to phpfox fields.
  • Manage settings to configure size of provider’s icons and position of block that contains provider’s icons on landing page

Front End

  • Select provider and log in.
  • Auto connects to Contact Importer to show friend list for the first login. Notice that this feature is active if the provider on Social Connect is in provider list of Contact Importer.

Back End

  • Manage providers:
    • Enable / disable any service
    • Display quick sign in (up) on login-or-join widgets
    • Set providers in a specific order
  • Statistics by providers for total signup and total login.
  • Manage settings.
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