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Spanish Language Pack

Language Pack

by Spanish PRO

Compatibility : from 3.0.0 to 4.6.1b3


Version 4.6.1 Build 3

(Creation Date: September 11th, 2009)

(Last Update: May 25th, 2018)



     ☛ Professional Installation

     ☛ Troubleshooting

     ☛ Support

     ☛ Upgrades

Spanish Pack continuously improved along with new releases. Comprehensive & clear translation; technical translation to avoid lingo.

Translated by professionals and accredited translators

     ✔ UTF-8 Encoded

     ✔ Error free

     ✔ Correct punctuation

     ✔ Right accentuation

     ✔ UPPERCASE / lowercase styled

     ✔ Warm / Personal to your Users

     ✔ Continuously improved

     ✔ CSS/W3C compatible


✆ (323) 765-4321

✉ phpfoxspanish (at) gmail (dot) com

We have translated over 100+ AddOns and Themes so you can provide your Users with a 100% Spanish experience!


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WARNING: This translation covers 100% of the files provided by phpFox, with every new version you will obtain free updates; the ´Categories´ on each Module must be translated manually to fit the purpose of your site, IT´S NOT AN ERROR! If you find missing phrases, don´t worry and please report them, those are less than 0.5% of the 13,200+ lines translated, we keep working so we can add them as soon as possible...

ADVERTENCIA: Esta traducción cubre 100% de los archivos proporcionados por phpFox, con cada nueva versión obtendrás actualizaciones gratuitas; las ´Categorías´ en cada Módulo deben ser traducidas manualmente por el propietario para ajustarse al propósito del Sitio, NO ES UN ERROR! Si encuentras frases faltantes, no se preocupen y por favor reportenlas, ya que suman alrededor de 0.5% de las 13,200+ lineas ya traducidas, seguimos trabajando para incluirlas lo más pronto posible...

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