We work with phpfox more than 10 years, developed more than 80 apps and themes!
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# More About Us.
- We’ve worked with social networks more than 10 years and have extensive experience.
- Specifically, we’ve worked with phpfox for more than 10 years.
- We have more than 80 products for phpfox v4
- We’ve customized more than 50 social networks based on phpfox.

# Products
- All of our products support the latest version of phpfox.
- We update all of our products a minimum of every 2-3 months.

# Support
- We provide great support by email and online chat via our website.
- Work hours: 10am-10pm GMT +6

# Discount
- If you buy more than 3 products, we can talk about a discount for you. Send us an email and we’ll be happy to discuss.
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Customer Reviews

  • Lonny Morgan

    Ivan is a class act. He has worked with me until things were right where things were off or wrong. You can be sure that FoxExpert will take care of any issues that may come up. You can buy with confidence knowing they care and will be there to help!

  • bizzbinder

    A few hiccups in the beginning but has been smooth ever since.. I bought alot of apps from these Guys and they have given me great support and fixed all the issues I have asked of them and have always remained professional! They don't knitpick me for $$ and have even fixed other app provider minor ssues for me without charge.. definitely recommend these guys am I'm happy with their services!

  • William Brock

    We are using a bunch of products from FoxExpert. We are very happy with how they work and even more happy with the speed at which they respond when we have questions/changes. No other developer for PHPFox is as responsive and professional. We highly recommend FoxExpert. Thanks for what you do.


    I must say I got Advanced Gift app for my site and had some problems using it my points was not updating but it was on my end.
    I contacted FoxExpert for support and they were very fast to get back to me and help assist me with this app. This app is a must have, it makes user Interactions fun.
    Thanks guys.

  • Bruno LE MARDELE

    You are doing a fantastic job. It is pleasant and secure to know that you are not alone and and when you need help to find someone you can trust.
    Thank you very much Ivan.
    I really recommend FoxExpert Team
    Best regards

  • Xavier Hickmon

    Well I guess it's time to post my reviews! I normally waits 3 to 4 months before I post to make sure I'm giving accurate information.. I've spent much money with this company. The apps are no good, every app I purchased gave me a problem, it's been 2 months and the problems are still occurring and havent been addressed. I reach out to company only to get a respond a week later, I tell them my issues then they make me wait another week to address them. The stories app is the only app to think about and that app is missing key opponents that he is changing buyers to address. I uninstalled his apps to make sure his apps was the problem, all if phpfox apps and younet apps works perfectly.. it seems as if he not testing the apps before displaying them for buyers. If u working on small project and want to be cheap then u can think about buying these apps, but if u working on large project it's best you deal with phpfox or younet.. I'm just being perfectly honest here because I've spent my money for apps that does not work properly and the support system is highly poor.. I want my money back for those apps as I slowly uninstall them one by one and repurchase them from other companies or use the free ones from phpfox.. I had a big photo contest due today but cannot continue it because the photo contest app I purchased from this company icons does not show properly. I contacted him a week before time he responded days later to tell me he cant fix it til 3 more days later.. I purchased audio/video app 3 weeks ago and today it still dosent work.. I want money back for these apps I purchased or I'm taking legal actions against the company for selling bad product and false advertising. I've tried my best to be patient and work with this company but after canceling my photo contest, I've had enough and cant wait any longer.. I would like my money back for the apps I purchased because none of them works correctly.. I advise you guys to spend the big money with younet, the customer service is great and they fix issues immediately.. this company knows I've been patient long enough. I want my apps fixed immediately or my money back and I will no longer purchase from this company...

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  • followers92
  • Homepage foxexpert.com
  • Location Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

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