We work with phpfox more than 6 years, developed more than 50 apps and themes!
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about FoxExpert

# We do not take custom work.

# More About Us.
- We’ve worked with social networks more than 10 years and have extensive experience.
- Specifically, we’ve worked with phpfox for more than 5 years.
- We have more than 25 products for phpfox v4 and 23 products for phpfox v3 version.
- We’ve customized more than 30 social networks based on phpfox.

# Products
- All of our products support the latest version of phpfox.
- We update all of our products a minimum of every 2-3 months.

# Support
- We provide great support by email and online chat via our website.
- Work hours: 10am-10pm GMT +6

# Discount
- If you buy more than 3 products, we can talk about a discount for you. Send us an email and we’ll be happy to discuss.
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Customer Reviews

  • Lawrence Minutella

    I've added several FoxExpert products to my site for several reasons. 1. The product are relevant to what's currently being used in the social networking game space. I want to make sure my site is connotative with the other and there are many products offered by FoxExpert that provide that relevancy edge and keeps my site in line with others such as Facebook. 2. The design, UI and graphics are professional level. These add ons look and feel is seamless with my site and keeps the professional look and feel which is VERY important for the user community. I want to make sure they feel as if they are using a corporate level / professional site. 3. The products are well test, work, have no integration issues. In other words, the products work as advertised with little tweaking and configuration from my end. IF there is an issue, it is tended to and fix the next day in most cases.

    I've worked with Ivan for all the installed products and he is very responsive and generous with his time. I work in the IT profession and in my professional world, I manage enterprise level IT development projects. I mention this since I can well evaluate the work product, customer service and complexity of what FoxExpert produces.

    Fox Expert is a quality company with customer focused support producing high quality products that are relevant to users. Please feel confident in your purchase and their attentiveness to detail.

    Thank you,

    Larry :-).

  • bk2008

    I can say that i am working with Foxexpert team since 2016 year and fully satisfied with services which they provided. I ordered a few big custom jobs on their Advanced apps, and they succesfully finished them. They provide support on apps which i purchased 2 years ago during a few minutes. Wow! I recommend this company for all users who want start and grow their Phpfox social networks as support!

  • Jarrod

    I highly Suggest to use the products of Fox Expert they are really good and if there is something wrong then ther is always great support

  • Kingsley Ahiwe

    We launched an Phpfox site and needed help with hosting, server management, and development and Foxexpert did it all at a very low price with tremendous quality. This company never disappointed us. Always delivered on time and they surprised us with great ideas. They were always available on chat, email. I fully recommend them.

  • jadams1121

    Love everything here. Great products wonderful support.

  • anthony bain

    Ivan, you are super fast at responding and your advice is good, I am happy to deal with you and I am looking forward to your upgrades.

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  • followers40
  • Homepage foxexpert.com
  • Location Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

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