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Welcome to my profile,

I am one of the oldest 3rd party developers for phpfox, being here since 2008. I always created new products and upgraded older ones for the new versions of the script, allowing my clients to continue using them on their networks has they upgrade to the newest versions of phpfox.

Be free to browse all my apps and if you have any question just contact me.

Best Regards,
Pedro Elias (cespiritual)

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I only do customization on my own apps. So if you want to expand the functionalities of the apps, contact me.

Customer Reviews

  • websistema2013

    Users of my site with great pleasure use apps from Pedro. Cespiritual apps are high-quality software products that are necessary for each site. Polite and competent support distinguishes Cespiritual from other similar companies. Thank you Pedro!

  • AWG

    A;ways gives a good helping hand. Been doing good business for years. Thanks for your great assistance whenever asked.

  • aaronmskater

    I really love your apps they work well and our users love them the movie module is my favorite one right now. support is amazing and fast to get things workinbg


    Thank you for your support & creating Custom Blocks in Movies System.

  • Misty Dawn

    I have bought a couple products from Cespiritual and I am very grateful. Pedro is always quick to respond to my questions or needing help. I would highly recommend any products or services they offer.

  • Bamafanz

    This company not only make great apps, they stand behind their work.
    Pedro is very helpful and knowlegable.
    They are always looking for ways to improve their existing apps, as well as make new ones.

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