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Welcome to my profile,

I am one of the oldest 3rd party developers for phpfox, being here since 2008. I always create new products and upgrade older ones for the new versions of the script, allowing my clients to continue using them on their networks has they upgrade to the newest versions of phpfox.

Be free to browse all my apps and if you have any question just contact me.

Best Regards,
Pedro Elias (cespiritual)

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I only do customization on my own apps. So if you want to expand the functionalities of the apps, contact me.

Customer Reviews

  • julio

    Cespiritual Apps are quality apps. All of them are functional and adds great value to phpfox sites. When i ask a question, the developer answers very fast.
    The part that i like the most is that when you give some idea, and they consider valuable, you may see it included in the next upgrade.
    Thank you Cespiritual !

  • Aleksandar Radakovic

    Excellent customer support and excellent delivery of smart and functional apps! My full recommendation for this developer!

  • Christian Wedemeyer

    I was very happy with every of the eleven useful addons I got from Cespiritual. I experienced him as a reliable, flexible, fast and very helpful supporter who takes presence to provide friendly and useful help around his work even after sale and time.

  • JohnJr

    I have eight of Cespiritual apps, and I give them all 5 stars. I also give 5 stars for service/fixing issues if they even occur. Their are only two developers that I have dealt with (I have dealt with many with over 50 apps) that fixes issues in less than two days! I also want to state for the record I have listened to his Self-Created Music, and I give that 5 stars as well!

  • eazydoesit

    This developer is prompt and will stay with you till everything is right. Many of us have different configurations and apps can conflicts but he helped me work through everything. great developer and very level headed and polite. Ill continue to buy his apps.

  • LionsGate

    Very professional and very helpful. Developer fully and promptly supports his apps. Highly recommended: his products and services We use a number of his apps, and they rock! Two big thumbs up!!!

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