I specialize in providing high technology, end-to-end solutions in PHPFOX development and design THEME.
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Suresh Choudhary

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We are an experienced team creating great, unique and easy to set up templates and Apps for PHPFOX. We are also creating customization. In our work, we use the latest technologies, and our heads are always full of ideas. If you think creating your Social networking should be fun (not a headache), you are in the right place... We hope that our products satisfy you, and fully meet your needs. We invite you to buy.

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With more than 9 years of experience with phpFox Development, I can satisfy the customer’s needs from small tasks to big projects. I will provide all type customization on PHPFOX like Modules, APP, Theme, etc.


Once you have an idea but do not know how it works with the platform, we then can help you to have a custom template for your social network and integrate it into the platform to have very first version.


I am also providing services related to setup PHPFOX, Install Modules, and apps on PHPFOX.

Customer Reviews

  • Mr.Adam

    Very good at his job. Very attentive, and creative. Strong problem solver. Would recommend!

  • Taryn Carmona

    Excellent work, highly professional and swift .....

  • Aleksandar Radakovic

    Excellent developer and just beautiful themes! Highly recommend!

  • DaveyBoy20o2

    Great Developer with quick support 🙂

  • Pablo Cabrera

    Great Support and Good Person .......

  • Raffaele Ludovico

    Thank you Suresh . Great products and professional services are very appreciated.

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