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phpFoxer is a team of experienced developers, designers, SEO-gurus and managers based in Ukraine and Germany. We work with phpFox since 2012 (v3) and have great experience in social network customization, creating custom and modification of existing websites. We consider ourselves as a client-oriented and proactive company.

In over 7 years we have released apps, plugins, templates, widgets (blocks) and created tutorials to make it easier for you to set up your phpFox site according to your needs. In case you need custom modifications or whole website changed – don't hesitate to contact us for free quote. We also provide best phpFox iOS and Android apps on the market.

- If you're looking for mobile applications for iOS and Android, take a look at our website
- phpFox 3.x and 4.x customizations;
- phpFox SEO services;
- design services;
- API creation and third-party systems integrations;
- complex upgrades;
- migration from other platforms to phpFox.

Not associated with the phpFox company. Independent business.

Our Services


• Landing page creation ➡️ https://bit.ly/2Kqasfs
• Logo creation service ➡️ https://bit.ly/2M4hds2
• Theme creation service ➡️ https://bit.ly/2Mcfwpo


With phpFox hosting provided by phpFoxer you can focus on building your social network instead of server management and phpFox fixes. Let our phpFox experts work for you!

☝Check out following benefits we offer:

Optimized phpFox
We'll apply optimization tweaks to speed-up pages loading. If you don't have phpFox license yet, you may purchase phpFox here.

Optimized Hosting
You will get specially optimized servers for phpFox with higher memory, powerful CPU and bunch of server add ons (i.e. MariaDB instead of MySQL/MySQLi server caching etc.).

Free setup & migration
We'll provide with a free migration towards pre-constructed server for you and make sure that everything is working properly.

Free phpFox plugins
You can get any phpFoxer plugins of $50 value for free and we'll install it for you.

Full Support
You'll receive free full support for phpFox, its plugins, themes and complete server management from our hosting partner.

You can save up to 90% using special phpfoxer coupon code for your first month.



Our SEO services:
• Keyword Research;
• On-page SEO;
• Off-page SEO;
• Local SEO (If needed);
• Conversion optimization;
• Ranking and Progress Reports.

• On-page optimization - correction technical bugs, keyword research and placement on landing pages (title, meta-tags, text, images etc), rebuilding internal links, setup Google services (Search Console, Analytics, Tag Manager). Traffic will get a first "jump"at two-four weeks after that
• Off-page optimization - Looking for relevant and quality backlinks and citations. Takes about 4-6 months (*Full USA Region, Work on some specific regions will be a bit faster);
• Social Review - Searching and buying Social Review for creation of native backlinks profile;
• Conversion optimization (during all work period);
• Work with content - Searching for writers to create unique content for your site blog / pages content and correction of their work.



We will be glad to help you to set up phpFox, server for it, implement design, necessary add-ons and more. Feel free to contact us at office@phpfoxer.com

Customer Reviews

  • Igor Cordeiro

    PhpFoxer is an excellent company, with highly trained professionals, and excellent customer service.
    When you have a problem (which can very well happen), they always help, helping you to gain their trust even more.
    I highly recommend Foxer to all customers!
    Congratulations, Foxer! Always keep it up! 🙂

  • WrSantiago

    I had an issue with one of their products “Smart App Banner” and they fix it really fast. I reported the issue and went to bed on my time zone, when I woke up the problem was fixed. Great Product and Great Service!

  • Dennis Turskey

    These guys are professional and do great work. They have been patient and resolved several issues I've had. Wouldn't hesitate to use their apps or services again!

  • weldescampos

    The work was very well done, we had a lot of work and always with fast and efficient answers. Very happy to work with them.

  • Aleksandar Radakovic

    Excellent service! Extremely patient and maximum effort and willingness to help! I highly recommend this developer, thank you for all your great work!

  • DiscoverCRM

    Awesome service contacted about some customer work for their GEO ip Filter, I wanted a redirect option as well as the current 403 error. From quote to completion and installation less than 24 hours. Fantastic. Works brilliant and hopefully will be rolled out as an upgrade for all customers who have the GEO ip filter.

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