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Kibcode is active on phpFox since 2010. While using the script for own projects i startet to develop addons for my sites and noticed that others needed those feature as much as i did. For my first modifications i had to change code in core files and that was good for me at this time but with v4 i started to develop apps that everyone can use and install from their admincp. For me V4 of phpFox became a place where i can live out my passion with programming and simultaneously help other people building great social networking sites.

Kibcode apps are coming from live sites so they get fast updates for bugfixing, new features and code improvements over long period of time.

If you have any problems, ideas or questions about custom modification dont wait to contact me and we will find the best possible solution for your project.

When you are customer i would be very glad to get some nice reviews on my profile by clicking the "View All" button at the customer reviews section on this page. Thank you so much!

Our Services


Kibcode stands for solid and secure addon solutions, improvements and fast customer service. If you need any help to fit the site to your project just leave me a message and i will try to answer you within the same day. My customers love to talk about their issues via chat and know that they can always come back and ask me questions about their apps and websites.


If you need help on installing or updating your phpFox site dont wait to leave me a message. You will get a full backup of your community to get back to that point in case of update-issues. After many years and countless updates i will be glad to share my experience with you.


There are many Kibcode themes in the phpFox store... check them out or send me a message about what you need!

Customer Reviews

  • Terrym1944

    I recently purchased the Photos Blocks advanced... Prior to doing so I asked Sascha if it had certain features, which it didn't, but which he immediately saw as a good idea and added them within a week. He was helpful, polite, and quick to respond..
    Consequently I purchased the addon for one of my sites and tested it out only to find it didn't seem to do what I expected. I asked him about it and within 5 minutes he responded and pointed out a feature of phpfox that was successfully integrated with this addon and that I didn't even realize existed in this version of the core software. (I thought it had been lost with the conversion to 4 from 3... that's how long I've wished it was there... only to now find it is..) As a result of him pointing this out to me I have gained a new lease on the use of the core software..

    Long story short, after installation and my use of the addon I was surprised to see how incredibly flexible it is and how it didn't need any tweeking... no long "give me access to your site" issues to install.. etc..

    I then went ahead and purchased a second license to the addon for another site I have..

    I will definitely, after using phpfox since version 1.5, be watching out for all addon creations by this developer.. and definitely using him as my developer of choice..

    Simply put... good... no, not good... great stuff!!

  • MyGamesterLife

    Amazing product support, super fast response and they take their time to completely test any issue and resolve it 100% before they are finished. Highly recommend Scheinwelt-Media!

  • James Bentley

    Amazing customer support. Apps are brilliant and work really well. Helped with custom solutions. Highly recommended 🙂

  • Aleksandar Radakovic

    Not only that Scheinwelt-Media (Sascha) makes excellent apps, but they are also very smart apps! Plus of course outstanding customer service! 100% recommendation!

  • Kirk

    I purchased a theme and the Landing Page app and I really couldn't be happier. I had one tiny problem, which turned out to be my fault, and customer service was fast and professional. When I want something for my phpFox site, this is where I'll go first. Five stars without question.

  • explore_high

    Awesome service, keeps his promise and worth trying 😉

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