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Compatibility : from 4.2 to 4.9.9


Compatible with 4.6 and 4.5


Welcome to Social Radio which gives you the opportunity to host your social network as a worldwide radio broadcasting station. You can get 30 radio stations plugged into your site from a single click and add more as you desire. Adding stations is completely customisable and just about every radio station is possible to pull into your site and thus give your users the all in one place to get the latest from their favourite radio station.

The app has many features such as: favourite list, featured list, listen on new popup (don't worry about popup blocker), share options and standard like/comment form. Works great on mobile and responsive design! Free installation is included if required!

Update 4.6

  • New 20 radios
  • New button delete not work radios
  • New button 'Delete radios from default pack'
  • Fixed css bug on radio page


  • Add/Edit/Delete radios
  • 30 popular radios import
  • Iframe/Stream types of radio
  • Streams works good on any mobile
  • Great Radios home page
  • Radio categories
  • Play radio in popup
  • Favourite lists of radio page
  • Featured radios page
  • Like/Comment/Share phpfox form
  • Play random radio
  • Featured radios block
  • Radio Genres block
  • Popular radio block
  • Most played radios block
  • Most liked radios block
  • Most comment radios block
  • Top uploaders block.
  • Recent radio block
  • Top Listeners block
  • Similar radios block
  • Admin User groups settings

Compatible with 4.2-4.9.9 (tested with latest version of phpfox)

Update 4.4:

  1. Fixed share bug
  2. Fixed top commentators bug
  3. Fixed feed design and time date
  4. Some design changes.

Update 4.5

  1. Fixed thumb error
  2. Add share buttons
  3. Fixed users played issue

Update 4.6

  1. Added radios home page.
  2. Added blocks: Most played radios, most liked radios, most comment radios, top uploaders.
  3. Fix responsive bugs.
  4. Now users can add radios. (admin can disable it)
  5. New phrases sytem.
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