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by YouNetCo

Compatibility : from 4.6.0


User Profile Completeness is the block that shows own profile completeness status. It allows administrators to select profile fields as mandatory for a user to achieve 100% profile completeness status.

  • Demo account: / 123456

Product Information:

Key Features

  • Apply custom field for Profile Completeness
  • Apply color picker to set color for progress bar
  • Display own profile completeness status
  • Allow administrators to select profile fields and setting the these fields’ weight

Front End

  • Show the percentage of profile completeness status
  • Current logged-in users can add more information to complete their profile
  • Suggest the next information which users should add

Back End

  • Weight Settings
    • Define the weight for each profile field which is used to calculate the percentage of profile completeness status.
  • Global Settings
    • Edit the Profile Completeness color
    • Set up Profile Photo Weight
    • Allow to show Profile Completeness when the profile information is completed
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