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Compatibility : from 4.6 to 4.9.9


4.62 Update

  • Compatible with 4.6
  • Redesigned List view
  • Redesigned Grid view
  • Fix design problems
  • Better mobile expirience

Advanced Members

Welcome to the Advanced Members app. Looking to spice up your members page and have more functionality from it? This app is both much more visually appealing than the standard members app, it also has great and powerful additional features. We’ve added the facility to rate members (optional) and also members recommendation block on the profile page (which allow users to see which members have good rating and recommendations). We’ve also completely changed the design of the members page and have added 4 new blocks: most commented, most rated, most popular, feature slider block. We’ve also provided 2 view designs - list and grid.


  • List design of members page
  • Grid design of members page
  • Rating and recommendations block
  • Most recommented block (based on recommendations)
  • Most rated block (based on star rating)
  • Most popular block (based on views, friends)
  • Featured slider block (autoplay, draggable with mouse)
  • Most recommented page with 50 best users
  • Most rated page with 50 best users
  • Select random profile button
  • Totaly redesigned search members and advanced filters
  • Add friend, Poke button on list design
  • This plugin not touch any core feature
  • Free installation

Follow button

  • Required to use our Follow App


Compatible with 4.2+ (Tested with latest version of phpfox)


Easy, with 1 click from your admincp. Problems? Order free installation by email.


We provide lifetime support and next v4 upgrades.

Update 4.4

  • Fixed search bug
  • Fixed starts icon bug
  • Increase search speed
  • Fixed online users bug

Update v4.6

  • Updated for new changes
  • Fixed some little bugs
  • Add follow button

Update v4.61

  • Fixed slider jump
  • Fixed rating issue
  • Better mobile responsive
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