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by FoxExpert

Compatibility : from 4.2 to 4.9.9


Update 4.63

  • Added Emoney->Activity points change feature (course in admin panel, feature to disable)

Update 4.62

  • Comptabile with 4.6
  • New feature - Bank transfer(add/withdraw bank transfers manually)
  • New feature - Core payment gateways (add funds using phpfox gateways)
  • New Feature - Change activity points to real money (using admin course for changing)
  • Redesign all pages
  • New block - Recent transactions
  • Added many admin settings(disable any gateway and configure commissions)
  • Fixed phrases


Welcome to the EMoney app. This app gives your site its own virtual currency unit that will allow your users to earn or buy using this built in internal currency. EMoney is integrated into all of our apps so that you can monetise just about anything on your site (all of our apps support EMoney).

The plugin allows your users to buy EMoney via paypal, webmoney (popular payment system in the CIS) that will give that user a funds balance on your website that can be used for purchases throughout your site. Each user has their own virtual money account that allows them to pay for paid services, products and features on your site. You’ve also got the option in Admin panel to allow your Users to earn Emoney and the ability for them to ‘cashout’ their funds requiring you to pay their EMoney balance on withdrawal. However, fear not, you can be sure that every cashout is a bonus for you by defining a withdrawal commission that you take for each cashout.

Managing an internal currency system gives you complete control over monetisation on your site.

In the future we’ll be adding additional will popular payment system to this plugin.


  • Add funds (Paypal, Webmoney)
  • Withdraw money (Paypal, Webmoney)
  • Send to friend
  • Transaction page
  • Admin transaction page
  • Gateways manage
  • User level settings
  • Manage Plans
  • Manage user balance (add/edit view transaction)
  • User Balans Block
  • Current plugins Integration: (Course,Profilepicker, advancedvideo, advancedevent,advancedmusic, store, business pages)

Support and Compatible

  • Lifetime support
  • Next ugprades for next v4 versions.

Update 4.4

  • Add admin manage user balances (add/edit/ view all transaction users). Now you may test purchasing without problems.
  • Fix commission problem
  • Add available for withdraw balance into balance block
  • Some design changes

Update 4.6

  • Fix design issues on transaction page
  • New language phrases system
  • Add some new phrases from send to friends page
  • Hide webmoney icon, if not settings for it.
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