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Course V4


by FoxExpert

Compatibility : from 4.2 to 4.9.9


Update 4.63

  • Compatible with 4.6


Welcome to the Courses app. It’s the ultimate app for putting an online course facility onto your website. Whether you’re an education based establishment or simply have a need for offering courses to your users, this app is everything you will need.

Update 4.62

  • Add breadcumbs
  • Mobile friendly
  • Fix many points test issue
  • Add courses function to groups/pages
  • Reviews tab
  • Course rating
  • Similarcourse block
  • Change design of index and home pages
  • Course stats block
  • Latestreview block

Main Features

  • Create powerful lectures using (Mp4 videos, Youtube videos, Google docs, Scribd docs, Docs from your server)
  • Browse courses in course home, course index, my and friend's courses.
  • After learned each lectures users can take a test, results will see in user's own diary.
  • 2 types of monetization: Allow to users sell course and site takes commission. Also charge users for promotion his courses on course home page.

All of Features

  • Create courses
  • Create leactures
  • Upload mp4 videos/Add to lecture video (Youtube included). Allow multiple videos.
  • Upload to lecture any documents (pdf, word, excel and etc) trought Scribd. Allow multiple documents.
  • Upload documents to google docs, and save links in lecture.
  • Add to lecture text and attachments (photo, any documents such standart blogs)
  • Add users as staff for your own courses.
  • Create tests
  • Add test questions
  • Paid Courses (Emoney plugin required)
  • Sorting contents types in each lectures.
  • Courses Category
  • Courses Subcategory
  • Courses Tags
  • Course Estimate System
  • Membership privacy (owner approving / immediately join)
  • Featured Courses
  • Like, comment feature
  • Invite friends
  • Report for abuse
  • Scribd technology for reading/uploading documents
  • Diary with all test marks
  • Popular Courses Block
  • Recent Courses Block
  • Random Tags Block
  • Top Lectures Block
  • Ask owner block
  • Featued block
  • Most liked block
  • Most comment block
  • Most viewed block
  • Admin manage category/subcategory list
  • Admin manage courses
  • Admin member groups settings
  • Admin global settings

Support and compatible

  • Support and Free installation included on price.
  • Compatible with 4.2+ (tested with latest version of phpfox)

Changelog 4.6

  • Added google viewer and google docs urls types for lectures (now you may easily upload document, which user can view using google viewer and save google docs, which users also can enter inside lectures)
  • Now you may add joined user as staff, and he may add new lectures for your own course.
  • Added Course home page
  • Added 6 new blocks (most liked, most viewed, most comment, featured,random tags
  • Added tags search from block
  • Add 1 monetization: Charge your users for promotion courses
  • Fix design errors
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