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Marketplace Google Map - cespiritual


by cespiritual

Compatibility : from 4.5 to 4.6.9


This app will add to marketplace a block to show, on the google map, the location of the listing. It will also allow you to see the route from your city to the listing location.


  • Enable/Disable Marker
  • Enable/Disable Info Window
  • Enable/Disable Button to show Route
  • Select the type of the main map: roadmap, satellite, hybrid, terrain


(Link on the right block) email: pw: 123456


  • PHPfox >= 4.5
  • Ready for 4.6

Get you API Key

The app is delivery with a default API key that allows you to start. But this key as limitations on requests. So you should create you own API key in google.

This are the steps:

  • Go to and login with you google account.
  • On the top, in "projects", select "create project". Name your project and select "create"
  • Select the project you have created on the same link in top: "projects". If you don't see it on the list select "see more projects"
  • On the main page of the project click on "Activate API".
  • From the list in APIs do Google Maps select this APIs to add to your project: Google Maps JavaScript API, Google Maps Geocoding API and Google Maps Embed API
  • After you select each one individualy you need to activate it on the top.
  • The final step is to go to "credentials" and generate the API key that you should copy/past in settings.

If you need help just contact us.

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