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by cespiritual

Compatibility : from 4.5 to 4.6.9


Finally we upgraded the Trail System to v4, our most successful module on v3. This upgrade includes design changes in the way content is presented.

The Trail System will allow you to follow the trail of all your friends and members, like facebook ticker, showing the content pages they have visited and the comments, likes and status they have posted. This is done with ajax, that auto refreshes, so you can follow the trail in real time.

Administrator will have also a trail block on admincp, so they can trail all members on the network.


The members of you website that don't want to be trailed they just need to disable that option, changing their status. Also, in the trail block on their profile, they can remove from the list the trails they don't want to show or hide the profile block from public viewing.


  • Trails comments
  • Trails likes
  • Trails status and links
  • Large content window with comments.
  • You can comment and like on the content window itself


  • enable/disable the trail of views
  • enable/disable the trail of comments
  • enable/disable the trail of likes
  • enable/disable the trail of status
  • and much more settings


  • Advanced Photo
  • Advanced Marketplace
  • Advanced Events
  • Music Sharing
  • Video Channel
  • Foxfeedpro
  • Petition
  • Quote System


(Link on the right block) email: pw: 123456


  • PHPfox >= 4.5
  • Ready for 4.6
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