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Advanced News / Rss feeds


by FoxExpert

Compatibility : from 4.5 to 4.9.9


Update 4.65

  • Made compatible with 4.6

Advanced News / Rss feeds

Welcome to Advanced News/RSS which is the ultimate app for displaying 3rd party news content on your site. You’re in full control of what news is displayed on your site and your users are in full control of the news they want to see from your site. With powerful filtering and following features, your users will be kept updated with all of the news they’re wanting to hear about.

Update 4.63

  • New Follow feature (with keyword)
  • New Following News page
  • New My following rss feeds page
  • View following news in main feed page

Update 4.62

  • Added to groups/pages
  • Edit rss feeds by admin
  • Edit news by admin
  • Fixed some css and php errors

Main Idea

  • Add rss channels and allow your users read news from Yahoo, BBC, Google News and etc provider
  • Create many news pages with good seo
  • Add news by users or admins

All Features

  • Add/Edit/Delete rss channels from different providers
  • Add/Edit/Delete news
  • Rss feeds browse page
  • Latest News browse page
  • Read full news page (parse all text)
  • Favourite feeds page
  • Featured feeds page
  • Rss feeds categories (subcategories)
  • Sort/search/filter rss channels and news
  • Comment/like/share/report news (standart phpfox block)
  • Share news on social networks
  • User-friendly url for rss channels and for news
  • Parse news from current rss each day/3day/week based on settings
  • Categories block
  • Hot news block
  • Hot news (slider on home page) block
  • Recent news block
  • Most viewed news block
  • Similar news block
  • Most commented news block
  • Featured rss block
  • Recent rss block
  • Popular rss (based on total news) block
  • Admin manage rss
  • Admin manage news
  • Admin manage categories
  • Admin add category (subcategory)
  • User group setting for adding rss channels and news
  • User group setting for viewing rss channels and news
  • Responsive design
  • Free installation


Lifetime upgrades for next v4 versions, each business day.


Easy with 1 click as standart phpfox product, Problems? Ask for free installation.

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