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Advanced Badges


by Foxer

Compatibility : from 4.5.0

It's always a question for community owners how to motivate members post more content, be more active, communicate with each other. We have a solution for you today. Badges is one of key features that adds gamification to social networks. You will be able to reward users by giving them badges depending on their activity.

Badges will encourage users to interact with each other more frequently, compete with friends in posting new photos, videos, blogs, music and even in adding new friends.

You can create different badges and define conditions to get them, for instance 30 blog posts to get Super Blogger badge and 10 music tracks for Music Fan badge.

As soon as one of the users will get his new badge, everyone will know about this from news feed. Also there will be a dedicated page for each badge where people will be able to see who already has this badge, like the badge or discuss it using comments form.

Additionally any user will be able to see how many badges other user has right from his profile.


  • My Activity widget will show every user how much content he already posted and how much he still needs to get the next badge;
  • Recent Badges widget will show latest badges received by all users in your network;
  • My Badges widget will show all user's badges on his profile.


  • Create new badge section to create new badge using vector template included in Advanced Badges. You will be able to put custom text, choose text color and template main and border colors. Text size and positions are easily adjustable;
  • Load new badge: simply upload new badge using image uploader;
  • Manage badges section where you'll be able to search or remove unneeded badges;
  • Manage member badges section where you'll be able to remove a specific badge from specific user's profile.


  • v4.1.0 – initial release;
  • v4.1.1 – updates related to phpFox 4.6 support;
  • v4.1.2 – minor fixes and phrase improvements. We recommend to run AdminCP > Globalization > Languages > Find Missing Phrases after applying this update;
  • v4.1.3 – a little fix related to the block on home page, some additional phrase fixes;
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