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by FoxExpert

Compatibility : from 4.5 to 4.9.9


Update 4.63

  • Comptabile with 4.6
  • New design for Material theme

Advanced Share

Welcome to Advanced Share app. With this simple app, you’ll give your users the power to showcase your content on other social platforms. This deeper level of viral networking of your content will bring more people to your pages as well as getting your site better know throughout the world wide web.

Main Features

  • The core share icon has been replaced with a new icon. This new icon has a modern browser friendly hover effect displaying the popular social networks sharing buttons.
  • Share popup has been changed. It now includes share content option and new Social Share tab.
  • Option to Share to private message
  • Option of Share to email
  • Option to Share to your friend's wall
  • Works great with all core apps and 3rd party apps.
  • Works on feed and on single content page.
  • Option in Admin Panel to Enable/Disable Advanced share feature.

Support and Compatibility

  • LifeTime support and next v4 updates
  • Compatible starts from 4.5 up 4.9.9
$39 now $29
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