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Compatibility : from 4.6.0

How to let people know and invite them to the party that you host? How to let people know about something new you just invented? Events app is the answer to these questions. With Events app, you can create your own event by specifying time and venue of the event, along with images and event description. You can send invites to certain people or just leave it open for public so anyone can join in it. For the invited people, they have a choice to deny, consider or attend the event. All the events are well organized into categories and easily referenced using search and filters.



  • This app is currently compatible with phpFox 4.6.0 or later.

Product Information

  • Version: 4.6.0

What's New in version 4.6.0

  • Users can select actions of items on listing page same as on detail page.
  • Support drag/drop, preview, progress bar when users upload banners.
  • Support AddThis on event detail page.
  • Support 3 styles for pagination.
  • Validate all settings, user group settings, and block settings.
  • Admins can control to show/hide events that belonged to pages/groups in events listing page.
  • Allow admin can change default banners.

Feature List

  • Please visit our doc to get full features of the app.


  • Please visit our doc to get this information.

Installation Guide

Please follow below steps to install new phpFox Events app:

1 . Install the Events app from the store.

2 . Remove files no longer used (at Admin Panel > Maintenance > Remove files no longer used).

3 . Clear Cache and Rebuild Core Theme on your site.

Congratulation! You have completed installation process.

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