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by YouNetCo

Compatibility : from 4.6.0

Social Network changed the way we make contact with our world. We all have the right to tell everyone about our feelings or thinking and people love to be popular that way. And so the more people engage in their statuses, the more excited they are. With the desire to make people happy, we come up with Status with Background app. With this app, users will have the ability to post their status updates with more highlighted texts in increased size that will make posts more visually effective and attractive.

The Status with Background app lets users select a background image that appears behind their text status in place of the normally-white background. All actions on feed will also support for status background: Users may tag their friends, check-in, add hashtags, etc.

As an admin, you will be allowed to add new collections as well as select which collections to be active or inactive.

Product Information

  • Installation Guide: here
  • Best Compatibility:  phpFox 4.6.x
  • Product version:  4.01
  • Demo: link
  • Test user: (Password: 123456)

Key Features

  • Users can choose background images for their statuses and write in there anything they want: text, hashtag or URL
  • Users are allowed to tag their friends, insert emoji, check-in or add feelings while using status background
  • Background collections are created by admin
  • This plugin integrates with core Feed and Advanced Feed.

Front End

  • Users can use background images when a user posts the text-only status
  • Users can write normal text, hashtag, URL
  • Users can tag friends, insert emoji, check-in and add feeling as usual

Back End

  • Admin can create a new collection and upload photos for this
  • Admin can set a collection as the default
  • Admin can active up to 2 collections at once
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