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by YouNetCo

Compatibility : from 4.6.0


Contact Importer app is a great tool for users to expand their friend networks by inviting people from all social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Hotmail, etc…). In addition, this app also empowers users to connect to all contacts from most major Email Providers.

Product Information:


  • This app uses a central server for authentication login for easy installation and in order to avoid future updating from providers.
  • Due to Facebook API update, it’s required that your site is running over SSL in order to import contacts from Facebook.
  • Social Bridge must be installed in prior to install Contact Importer
  • Google, Yahoo, Windows Live use YouNet OpenID server by default. To change Logo and Brand of OpenID server, you must setup OpenID server.

What's new in 4.02

  • Validate settings and user group settings
  • Hide "Export Contacts" menu if user don't have permission
  • Support 3 paging mode in some pages with new settings "Pagination Style"
  • Fix bugs

Key Features

  • Display the number of invitations and number of remaining invitations per day for Facebook and Twitter providers
  • Invite friends using email providers / social networking platforms
  • Integrate importing csv and vcf into Contact Importer
  • Filter friends in the contact list by alphabet
  • Custom Invitation Link
  • Apply Cronjob to get and send a large number of contacts
  • Allow removing invited members from the list
  • Show statistic by date and by provider for admin
  • Manage list of providers in the Admin Panel
  • Admin can view all invitations in Admin CP
  • Management queue invite (email + message)
  • Bulk actions (re-send email invitations, delete invitations) for pending invitations
  • Remove emails on page pending invitations which associated with users who have just joined the site
  • Add some kinds of notification to let sender know his invitations have just been sent successfully

Front End

  • Home Page:
    • Members are able to access Contact Importer by selecting a provider icon or by selecting Inviter in main menu
    • Statistics block
      • Remaining invitations (total queue invitations)
      • Total sent invitations
      • Total friends joined by invitation
    • Add a block to determine whether an invitation leads to a registration
  • Contact Importer (Inviter):
    • Invite Friends:
      • Show a list of providers to import contacts: Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Live/Hotmail
      • Invite by manually typing emails or upload file CSV
      • Import user avatars (with some providers that support it)
      • Show limitation messages when members invite friends.
    • Queue Emails: list out all invitations sent to friend’s mails
    • Queue Messages: list out all invitations sent to friends on popular social networks as Facebook, Twitter
    • Pending Invitations: show all invitations sent to receivers who not joined the community yet
    • Export Contact: allow members to export friend contacts to CSV file.
    • Advanced blocks: Top Inviters, Statistics.

Back End

  • Global Settings:
    • Set default content for invitation message
    • Enable admin to set number of maximum invitations allowed per day for Facebook and Twitter
  • Providers:
    • Option to enable or disable a provider
    • Set order for each provider
  • Invitation List:
    • Show all invitations with options to search and delete
  • Statistic By Date
  • Statistics By Providers
  • Manage Social API Keys
    • Enable admin to set API key and secret key for Facebook and Twitter
    • Option to enable or disable connection to Facebook and Twitter
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