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App installation and Support:

- We will install our paid apps for free if you need assistance. Just send us a support request.

- We provide Free Customer Support for all our paid apps for 1 year from original purchase date.

PhpFox script Installations / Upgrades / Customizations:

- We can Install / upgrade you phpFox script for you if you need assistance.
Send us a Request and let us know your in need of assistance with Installation or an Upgrade / customization.

We are an " Independent Business." that develops Apps, provides Services such as: Server Setups, phpFox Installations & Upgrades, Optimizations and Robust Customizations for your Social Network.

*In order for us to install phpFox script, you must have a Server, VPS or Hosting service, that is compatible to work with phpFox Script

- If you are unsure if your web server meets the product requirements, simply read the docs at

*We are in no way associated with the phpFox company and any and all media.

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  • followers5
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  • Location Chicago, United States (US)

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