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What you get with this package:

  1. LOGIN WITHOUT A PASSWORD for you and your Users

    When you install and enable this app, your users can Sign in securely without a password, the system will send them a secure one-time link via email.
    Users will then click on the secure one time link in their email or copy and paste the url to their browser, this will allow them to login securely without ever having to type in a password.

  2. Create New Users without the signup process from the adminCP

    With this app an admin can easily create new users on the fly from adminCP back end.

    When Adding a User the admin has 3 fields needed to add a user:

    Display Name:
    You can leave the password field blank to generate a temporary password or enter one for your user.
    admin can Force a user that was created to change their password when they first login.

  3. The Email you use to create a user will receive an email with his or her login info so they can login right away
  4. Redirect Users to a specific URL when they Log out

    This app helps Admins to choose a specific page to redirect their users after they have logged out.
    - you can use http:// or https:// in the field when redirecting your users to a specific domain or page of your choice.

    Example: you have your site on a sub domain , so after users logout you can redirect them to your home page

  5. Stop Spam - Bogus Emails flooding your inbox

Stop Spammers from spamming your inbox via your contact us form.
- Select a User group to Turn ON / OFF that usergroup from having access to your contact us form.
- It will redirect them to your Home Page with a message that says ( You Don't Have Permission To Access This Page )

  • Now you no longer have to worry about Spam Emails from your contact us form!
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