wLook Pick 2


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What you get with this package:


  1. Create New Users without the signup process from the Backend

    With this app an admin can easily create new users on the fly from adminCP back end.

    When Adding a User the admin has 3 fields needed to add a user:

    Display Name:
    You can leave the password field blank to generate a temporary password or enter one for your user.
    admin can Force a user that was created to change their password when they first login
    admin can allow a user to not change there password after logging in

  2. Redirect Users to a specific URL when they Log out

    This app helps Admins to choose a specific page to redirect their users after they have logged out.
    - you can use http:// or https:// in the field when redirecting your users to a specific domain or page of your choice.

    Example: you have your site on a sub domain community.yourwebsite.com , so after users logout you can redirect them to your home page yourwebsite.com

This package includes following items: