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Autonline Users


by FoxExpert

Compatibility : from 4.2 to 4.9.9


Compatible with 4.6 and 4.5

Autonline Users

Blank activity wall? Users are not active? We know how hard it is to grow your social network and we’ve come up with a solution. Create an incredible illusion and the illusion will create an incredible site for you. With 1 click, you get 2000 users with unique quality avatar that have the ability to like and create posts. Configure as you want to show online users in a certain period and create the illusion of a hugely vibrant social network that will get those real users thinking how good and popular your site is! It won’t be long before you can remove your illusion users and work from huge numbers of real users.

Update 4.62

  • Setting how many users created
  • Setting how many friends
  • Settings how many page liked
  • Making friends with each others
  • Each 8 profile was privaty
  • Bots Like(Join) different Pages (works fine with our business module)
  • Activity added on different time (1-5 hours for this day)
  • Fix css online widget block
  • Works fine with AdvancedLike app


  • Online users block (based on standard settings)
  • 2000 users (man and women) with 200*200 avatars and real name and surname.
  • Unique 2000 avatars database, which we find manually!
  • Autoonline options, select period and specify how much users you would like to show.
  • Auto options: Likes - like random our added user! random posts.
  • Auto options: Posts - add random text row, which you may edit in admin panel
  • Auto options: Posts Links - add random text link row, which you may edit in admin panel
  • Auto options: Updating avatar - delete his own avatar, and upload it again, which create 1 new actions with media.
  • All auto options works only with our 2000 users, not real users!
  • Not like? delete 2000 users, no problem.
  • Flexible settings on admin panel.
  • Help documentation per request

Compatible with 4.2+ (tested with latest version of phpfox)

Update 4.6

-Now works without cron jobs -Fixed bugs -Random time for adding activities (latest 1-5 hours)


Check your settings, that you can see new activities Admin->Apps->Feed-> Friends only feed. You need to disable it.

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