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by FoxExpert

Compatibility : from 4.5 to 4.9.9


Compatible with 4.6 and with 4.5

Advanced Like

Looking to spice up the ‘Likes’ section of your site?? Look no further, this simple app will increase the interactions with your posted content by adding a default package of 6 emotions (like facebook). You can view liked users list in a tooltip for each emotion and special popup. You’ll be able to manage icons from the admin panel and add additional icons which fit for your niche PHPFox site.

Main Features

  • Automatically includes 6 likes icons of different emotions which interact with each feed entry (like facebook).
  • Shows emotions below the feed entry
  • Shows a list of users for each emotion icon in tooltip.
  • Who likes popup (shows users list by emotion category, who already liked)
  • Supports 3rd party wall and all comment/like feature on your Phpfox.
  • Ability to convert old likes into default like emotion.
  • Admin Add/Edit/Delete/Ordering likes icons
  • Admin Enable/Disable Advanced like feature.

Support and Compatibility

  • LifeTime support and next v4 updates
  • Compatible starts from 4.5 up 4.9.9

Update 4.61

  • Better mobile experience
  • Fixed css bugs
  • Works fine with Autonline
$49 now $39
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