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by FoxExpert

Compatibility : from 4.2 to 4.9.9


4.63 Update

4.62 Update

  • Compatible with 4.6


Everybody loves a Badge!! Everybody loves awards!! The genre of Social Network is no different and to have your users have the ability to earn badges as a result of the content they post, is completely in your hands. You’ll have the powerful facility to steer your users into posting the type of content that you’d like to see on your site by incentivising them with badges according to the content that you’re promoting. Not got the artistic graphic skills? Fear not, there’s a built in badge creator that’s ultra user-friendly, or, feel free to create your own badges externally and import them in.

4.61 Update

  • Allow to upload picture for badge
  • Mobile responsive
  • Redesigned 3 blogs and browse pages
  • Random badge
  • Fixed css and php errors.


  • 8 preadded badges
  • Design badge into admin area (enter backgrounds, text color, fontawesome icon, upload picture)
  • Activity points awards (sets from admin panel)
  • % progress for each badge
  • Any number of different conditions for badge
  • Browse badges page
  • Elite badges page
  • Random badge feature
  • My badges page
  • Next badge block
  • Profile badge block
  • Best members badge block
  • Latest members badge block
  • About me block
  • Users badges block on badge profile
  • Support many custom plugin (which support activity points)
  • Multilanguage conditions for badge (based on acitivity points language phrases)
  • Sort, pagination and search standart phpfox feature
  • Adding badges after user login (no old badges for non-logged users)
  • Admin manage badges
  • Admin manage users badges
  • Admin add user badge
  • Works good on any device

Support and Compatibles

Free lifetime support and next v4 upgrades. Compatible with 4.2+ (Tested with latest version of phpfox)

4.61 Update

  • New phrase system
  • Fix pagination bug
  • New design of user badges on profile page.
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