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by FoxExpert

Compatibility : from 4.5 to 4.9.9


4.62 Update

4.61 Update

  • Made compatible with 4.6

Profile Completeness

There’s great benefits to your niche social network if your users have completed profiles. Not only does it give extra targeted information for advertisers wanting to advertise on your site, but it allows you to know more about your registered users and members. Want to motivate your users to fill their profiles? This app solves this problem by taking them through this process in the easiest way possible. The app shows a nice progress bar with tips and alerts to areas that are needed to be completed.

Main Features

  • Show progress bar with % of completeness of profile.
  • Manage percents from admin panel for basic fields and for any custom added fields
  • Enable/Disable completeness block
  • Change color of progress bar and suggest fields
  • Suggest non filled fields for profile owner
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Easy Installation (or order free installation)
  • Lifetime support

Support and Compatibility

  • 4.4+
  • Lifetime support using contact email and live chat on our website

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