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User Group Icon


by Foxer

Compatibility : from 4.6.0

This app adds icons for users that belong to specific user groups. Supports phpFox 4.6.

How it works?

  • users join your website and choose specific user group or subscription;
  • you define icon that users get depending on which user group they're in;
  • specified user group's users are showing with your icon next to their names in all possible blocks and pages and on their profiles.

    Can I make admins more visible with this app?

    sure. Simply add an icon for Administrators user group and all admins will get icons on their profiles automatically.

    Is there anything else besides icon that I may apply?

    Yes! You can add text description for each user group, so if users hover a mouse over the icon on profile, he'll get a popup with text defined for this user group (of course, this feature is optional, you can always turn it off in AdminCP).

    Which image types are supported?

    you can use PNG, JPG or even SVG depending on your needs.

    Does this app integrate with your Verified Members app?

    yes, sure, you can get in touch with us and we'll provide you with a demo of 2 apps working together.

    How this app can help us to increase monetization?

    You may create various user groups, e.g. Premium, Deluxe, etc with corresponding subscriptions. Users that want to join Premium user groups and get new shiny icon near their name can purchase subscription and instantly get the icon (you won't need to take any manual actions).

    Can I use this app for anything besides monetization?

    Sure. For example, you can set up user groups on your site in a way that will identify their professional category or favorite sports depending on your website's niche.

Note: we recommend to use square icons.

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