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Advanced Event


by FoxExpert

Compatibility : from 4.5 to 4.9.9


Update 4.63

  • Compatible with 4.63
  • Adapted design for v6

Advanced Event

Welcome to Advanced Events. This app really blows the standard events app out of the water. With a huge number of useful and top features, this app is the perfect solution if your niche social network utilises events.

Update 4.62

  • Added GEO location ‘distance from you’ search (based by ip location)
  • Added events near you (based by ip location)
  • Added statistic block
  • Fixed css and php bugs
  • Better mobile responsive

Main Features

  • Selling tickets feature with QR image. Setup limited count of tickets, Reservation tickets system.
  • Share events with many new options (host details, google map integration, Recurring Events, Event tags)
  • Great filtering options (12 different sorting options included calendar and location search)
  • Many new pages such as: Calendar view, Big google map with events markers (additional info in popup), Events Home (including slideshow, categories with icons and tabs with different sort events).
  • Totally new design of standard pages with many new features such as: Google calendar, iCal, Yahoo Calendar integration. Users Diary.
  • More than 23 new blocks.
  • Responsive design (works well on mobile)


  • Totally new design of event page, browse events, my events and similar pages.
  • Events home page with slideshow of sponsored events and new block of different sorted events, using tabs.
  • Great filtering options (12 different sorting options included calendar and location search)
  • Google map integration (get geo coordinate and show location on event page and on big map)
  • Google map routes integration
  • Host details ( host name, host description, host avatar, facebook, twitter, website). Create event of special host, and allow users get information about host.
  • Integration with Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook Calendar, Yahoo! Calendar)
  • Events Diary - add event into you own diary, and view all events in your calendar.
  • Event photos (from feed)
  • Share options (facebook, twitter and others providers)
  • RSVP status
  • Events invites, mass mail, manage guest lists.
  • Recurring Events (Daily, weekly, monthly). Create new event after recurring event finish.
  • Event categories (with icon and random background)
  • Event description attachments (add image, or another source into description field)
  • Event tags (random tags block, and sort in index page)
  • Featured, Sponsored, Events of the day. (Manage by admin)
  • Event statuses (live now, end and upcoming)
  • Customized event activity feed


  • Paid ticket emoney app required
  • Free ticket with exact count. (Users need to reserve ticket)
  • QR image for each ticket
  • Print ticket option
  • My tickets page
  • Stats for event owner (total earned and count ticket sold).

Monetization emoney app required

  • 2 types of monetization (sell ticket and take commission or charge users for featured event)
  • Setup cost for ticket
  • Setup in admin settings cost for featured event (day, week, month)

Event page background

Many blocks (total 23)

  • Invites block (with rsvp buttons)
  • My diary
  • Most viewed, liked, commented, joined blocks
  • Sponsored slideshow, Featured, Events of the day blocks
  • Starting soon, recent, similar, events from host blocks
  • Top hosts, Top joined users blocks

Admin Settings

  • Manage categories (icon, and multi language categories included)
  • Manage events in user interface (add, edit, delete, feature, make day event, sponsored)
  • Configure cost of featured events
  • Control user groups settings (allow create, edit, view. )
  • Setup google key for map and geocoding feature
  • Setup date format

Support and Compatible

  • Free lifetime support and next v4 updates
  • Live chat on our website and fast support by email.
  • Compatible with 4.2-4.9.9 version.
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