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Compatibility : from 4.5.0


Internet is multi-language virtual world, people from every corner of our planet every day connect with each other. People have friends from other countries they can talk in different languages, also every person can follow interesting people in business needs and it is good to know where are they from or their location to make communication more effective. It doesn't take time to search for info in member accounts - just install Flags app to get flag icon next to user's name to know his/her location.

You'll have have an opportunity to change flag icons size (large / medium / small) and make them more attractive for your eye and of course enable or disable app in one click.

Flags app will choose an appropriate flag from collection basing on country chosen by member on registration. App can also be useful for indicating languages of people in your network – country flag will suggest you the language you may use to communicate with selected member.

Install our Flags app and get more comfort of usage of phpFox!

P.S. integrates well with our Regions / States app


  • v1.0 – initial release;
  • v1.1 – a few layout and script improvements;
  • v1.2 – improved icons appearance in some rare cases and compatibility with our Verified Members and User Group Icon apps;
  • v1.3 – additional compatibility improvements with our Verified Members, optimized amount of operations to display appropriate icons.
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