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Compatibility : from 4.5 to 4.9.9


Update 4.65

  • Compatible with 4.6
  • Adapted design
  • Redesign single page view

Pages/Business Directory

Welcome to the Pages/Business Directory App. This app enhances the PHPFox core Pages module and turns it into a feature rich app with extended functionality. With this app, your users will have the flexibility to create feature rich pages and better engage with their Page followers and supporters.


  • Added Membership type (Join/LIKE)
  • Added paid user subscription for page (Good monetization using our Emoney app)
  • Added support custom blocks in pages
  • Added Disable icons in business menu
  • Added admin feature to manage which modules enabling for business pages

Main Features

  • Extends the core Pages module with lots of additional features, functions and blocks.
  • Supports 3rd party modules and works great with our Advanced modules.
  • Control which modules are available on your page (disable or enable any module). 3rd party modules supported. Create your own menu for your page.
  • Rich information about pages like (custom page, announcements, faq and etc)
  • Ultimate filtering options including search by location and show pages near you.
  • Good monetization with sponsored features.
  • Everything is fully customisable in admin interface. There’s a variety of admin and user groups settings to customise this app exactly to your needs.
  • More than 50 different blocks.
  • Mobile responsive (works great on any device).

NOTE: We provide fast and efficient support via ‘Live chat’ through our website and additional support is provided by email.

Custom sections on Page view.

  • Overview (shows basic information and most viewed content from the different modules)
  • Wall
  • About Us (about us text and our team information)
  • Members (followers, those who already like your page)
  • Reviews (5 star rating with a modern design)
  • Contact Us (shows a big map and contact form)
  • Faq (show faq items)
  • Any number of custom pages can be shown (html allowed)

Detailed Information on your Pages

  • General information (includes many basic fields such as title, category (sub-category), founders, size, location, contact information (phone, email, fax, website, facebook and twitter pages) and etc)
  • Manage modules (allow to disable, setup icon, setup order for any module) 3rd party supported. It also includes already created custom pages.
  • Manage widgets (disable/enable widgets with content posted on your page)
  • Additional information (add required fields and values)
  • Custom pages (create your own custom page and include html)
  • Manage announcements (add/delete announcements which are shown on all pages of your business page)
  • About Us (add about us text + your team information (title, role, picture)
  • Manage Media (Manage you photos and cover photo)
  • Permission (control who sees the different sections)
  • Invite (invite users)
  • FAQ (manage faq items)
  • Admins (control who can edit and add information to your page)

Unique functions

  • Monetization options including ‘sponsored feature’ Emoney app required
  • Page Statistic for owner on edit page
  • Checkins
  • Favourites
  • Print option
  • Message Owner
  • Distance search (by your current location)
  • Share on popular social networks.


  • Show most viewed content from different modules posted on this page on Overview section.
  • Support our Advanced modules (advancedphoto, advancedblog, advancedvideo, store, advancedevent)
  • Support Core modules (blog, event, photo, forum)

Pages Home

  • Great design with slideshow of Sponsored pages(sponsored by users)
  • Show pages with different filters in 4 tabs.
  • Near you, Popular tags, Top owners, Featured, Day, Most reviewed, Most checkined pages blocks
  • Pages Statistic block with all needed information for users.
  • Browser by categories (icons and backgrounds you may edit in admin panel)

Browse pages, Big Map pages

  • 3 types of view (grid, list, map)
  • Ultimate filters allowing to search by (chars, title, category, description, tags, location, distance, city and etc)
  • Reset filters option
  • Different blocks (Page of the day, featured pages, categories, popular tags)
  • Special big map page, with different filters.

3rd party Modules


  • Manage categories (add/edit/delete categories. Make category as featured, cover, icon and background color)
  • Manage pages (delete, make featured page, make day page)
  • Settings (Cost for sponsored, google api key for pages google maps)
  • User groups settings (many different restrictions)


  • 4.5, 4.5.1-4.5.3 (tested with latest phpfox)
  • We will update this product immediately after phpfox released new version.


  • You’ll need the phpfox standard Pages module enabled.
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